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MUWSA Organization Structure

MUWSA Organization StructureMUWSA Organization Structure

Organizational structure determines the manner and extent to which roles, power, and responsibilities are delegated, controlled, and coordinated, and how information flows between levels of management. This structure depends entirely on the organization’s objectives and the strategy chosen to achieve them

Currently MUWSA has 146 permanently employed workforces ,contract employees are 6 and temporary daily paid staffs who usually required to perform specified short term assignments are 5. The workforce is composed of 35% females and 65% males.

The Organization Structure flows down from Minister of Water, 10 Board of Directors to include Managing Director, 4 Heads of Departments namely: Technical, Finance ,Commercial, Human Resource and Administration. 12 Heads of Sections namely Planning and Construction, Operations and Maintenance, Environmental and Sewerage, Revenue Accounting, Customer Service, Information Technology and Communication, Finance, Procurement, Supplies, Human Resource, Administration, Public Relations, and Internal Auditor. Below Heads of Sections/Unit there are Supervisors and Artisans.

Board of Director - Members

  1. Prof. Jafari R. Kideghesho (Chairperson)
  2. Eng. Kija Limbe (MD of MUWSA & Secretary of the board)
  3. Ms. Stella B. Assey
  4. Prof. Alfred Said Sife
  5. Mr. Ally D. Badi
  6. Ms. Joyce R. Ndosi
  7. Mr. Tixon T. Nzunda
  8. Eng. Abbas Pyarali
  9. Hon. Stuart N. Nkinda

In accordance with the law, the Board’s composition is as follows:-

  • The Chairperson – who must be a prominent, influential individual residing within the Municipality.
  • Representative of large scale consumers of water
  • Representative of local commercial sector.
  • Representative of local Government Council of the Municipality.
  • Representative of women
  • Representative of domestic water consumers.
  • Representative of Regional Administration.
  • The Municipal Director
  • Representative of Ministry responsible for Water Affairs.
  • The MUWSA Managing Director who is also the Secretary of the Board