MUWSA Water Sources

  • Shiri SpringsShiri Springs
  • Nsere SpringsNsere Springs

Water supply systems for Moshi Municipality were from two major sources, namely springs and boreholes, with the volume of water production in percentages in brackets, as Shiri Spring (49 per cent), Nsere Spring (46), Mawenzi borehole (3) and KCMC borehole (2).

When MUWSA was inaugurated fifteen years ago, water production was 25,500 cubic meters per day while actual daily demand in Moshi urban centre was presently standing at 38,485 cubic metres of water.

The official urged Moshi residents and elsewhere to seriously conserve the environment, on sustainable basis to assure them of constant supply of water which was vital to their lives.

  • Nsere SpringsNsere Springs