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Commercial Department

The department is responsible for business and strategic plans, assuring high quality service to customers, monitor accurate meter readings, billings made & dispatch, revenue collection and other charges associated with water and sewerage services, updating & maintaining the customer database, and overall debt management of the Authority.

The Commercial Manager, under the Commercial department, heads the Commercial Department, there are three sections namely Customer Services headed by Customer Service Officer (CSO), Credit Control Section headed by Credit Control Officer (CCO), and the Customer Billing Section headed by Customer Billing Officer (CBO).

Customer Service Section:
The Customer Service Officer heads the Customer Service section, it performs the following activities:

  • The Section is responsible for ensuring all customers get water supply according to their ration timetable.
  • Attending customer’s complaints regarding lack of water.
  • Ensuring that air valves, wash out valves and flushing valves are working properly and operated as necessary.
  • Timely opening and closing of pipe valves as scheduled.
  • Reporting of water leakages and illegal connections to respective Sections for corrective action.
  • Liaise with the Water Network Engineer in repairing water pipe bursts to curb loss of water.

Credit Control Section

  • Credit Control Officer heads the section: the section performs the following activities
  • Revenue collection from all categories of Customers i.e. Domestics, Commercial, Industrials, Bottling, Institutions and Kiosks. Under the CCO, the section have to make sure that Customers pay their bills as soon as just the monthly bills are delivered to the Customers.
  • Disconnection and Reconnection exercise is practiced continuously for customers who do not come to clear their Water bills on time.
  • There is a team, which deals with making a follow up on Customers with Illegal Water Connection. The illegal Water connections are disconnected and the defaulter is penalized for illegal Connection. A penalty of Tsh 150,000/= is imposed to the Customer.

Billing Section
Under the Billing Officer, the section performs the following activities.

  • The Billing Section is responsible for accurate meter readings, precise data entry and billing.
  • To initiate, co ordinate and carry out the whole process of meter readings capturing, verifications, proof readings and corrections before bill run.
  • Ensure all active customer’s meters are read and in time
  • Facilitate timely and correct preparation of Customer bills.
  • Ensure precise and accurate input of meter readings/ data entry into the billing system.
  • Ensure several mock runs of bill processing are carried out before final run. Hence printing of bill invoices.
  • Responsible for verification of meter readings for customers with complaints that request periodic adjustments of their bills. Hence reviews and approves customer credits for validity/reasonableness
  • Collecting, documenting Customer particulars/Meter status with problems or changes, as they are reported from the site and taking measures to rectify them and finally updating in the billing system.
  • Administrates the preparation and delivery of Customer statements/invoices to customers hence making sure that customers who come with no original invoices are serviced at the front office.
  • Assists customers in understanding statements/invoices.
  • Follows up and takes appropriate action to resolve discrepancies and/or dispute with customers.
  • Ensure proper registrations of new customer particulars in the billing system.
  • Making sure that the printed bill invoices are dispatched/delivered to customers on time.
  • Preparations of the various reports of the billing section to the management and other related reports of the performance indicators.
  • Collaborate with the ICT Unit in providing status of the MUWSA debtors from the Customer database.