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MUWSA Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
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Sports and Recreations
We Sponser and Organize a number of Events Taking place with Moshi and Kilimanjaro region.

HIV/AIDS Activities
HIV/Aids was declared as national tragedy in Tanzania by the President of United Republic of Tanzania on 31 December 1999.The infection of HIV/AIDS have increased globally and nationally and in particular the developing world especially Sub Saharan Africa which hosts 25.4 million out of total 39.4 million global HIV/AIDS cases. [UNAIDS Report of December 2004].

Moshi Urban Water Supply & Sewerage Authority has joined effort in HIV/Aids fight in the workplace by developing and implementing a HIV/Aids policy in 2005. MUWSA conducts in-house HIV/Aids seminars in every three months since 2003. MUWSA have also sent some employees to attend outdoor HIV/Aids training for them to become HIV/Aids Peer Group Educators.

This fight has therefore been formulated mainly to curb HIV/Aids from spreading and supporting those already affected to live longer thus enabling them continue providing MUWSA with their much needed service.

Service for Urban Poor
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